welcome to Rome Community Bible Church.


 We're glad you stopped by to check us out.  If you've driven west from   Bellingham on the scenic Mt Baker Highway you've probably seen our facility.   It's located on six acres in a beautiful rural setting about 6 miles out of town.   Our faithful family of families has been carrying on ministry here since 1914,   first to neighborhood children and eventually growing into a solid ministry to   the whole family.


 People here connect on a genuine level of care and friendship.  We are   seeking to honor Christ and His Word, allowing its truth to permeate through   all our programs and practices while changing us.  Building bridges of truth   and trust throughout our community is a constant part of our local mission.


 We also have a world outreach mindset in our support of many missionaries   and agencies bringing the Gospel where we cannot go.  Our desire is to be a   blessing locally and globally as God has so abundantly given to us.


 Our church family would love to have you stop by in person to meet people   who love the Lord and His precious Word.  We think you'll enjoy the   interaction with folks you might already know.  There's something here for   everyone - blended worship, age-graded Sunday school classes, Junior     church, Youth Ministry, Women's Ministry, Men's Ministry and other   opportunities to be involved in serving Jesus Christ with some new friends.


 In our world of growing uncertainties, it's good to know God's word has   answers and there are faithful people who love discovering his eternal truths   together.  Hope to see you soon.

 Pastor Scott Lidbeck


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  9:00am  Open Prayer Youth Room

  9:45am  Sunday School All Ages

11:00am  Worship Service

 Office Hours 10-4 Mon, Wed, Thurs, Fri   We look forward to seeing you!




upcoming Events 


 Unger Small Group

 Tuesday the 20th will be a Potluck and   White Elepant Party at 6pm

 Women's Bible Study

 New Bible Study to start sometime in   January  or February 2018

 Thursday Night Bible Study

 7pm  in the Annex


16   Birthday Party at 1:00pm for   

        Rick Maricle's Mother's 90th Birthday

17    The Tyas Family/BeOneTogether to 

        share with us

 Rock Zone will be on hiatus from

 December 20, 2017 to January 17, 2018

 Merge will be on hiatus from

 December 24, 2017  to Jan 7, 2018


 Hopefully the rest of the  website  will be up and  running soon.

our ministries:

Men's Ministry

Women's Ministry

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